About me–

Hi, I am Saloni paranjape. I am an electronics and telecommunication engineer and right now full-time mother, homemaker, and fitness freelancer.

As a homemaker, I have learned so many things in the last few years that I am able to prioritize tasks, always stay organized in order to complete all my duties, and also learn to manage my time efficiently. But what’s so new in this? Every homemaker can relate to me, right? but with these responsibilities, we should not prioritize our health.

Like so many women, I was also suffering with my own struggle with body weight and put self-care on the back burner. I wondered why women always feel guilty about their bodies. Why are so many women struggling so hard to “fix their body”? Most of the time I was also going through the same situation and never felt good about my body.

Then I realized when you have to manage all the things in day-to-day life, you are not able to give that type of attention to your body, which can lead to so many problems related to physical and mental health.

From that moment, I want to explore something which gives me that guilt-free and fit body. This journey is the reason to started my own fitness journey and also want to share my journey with all the women who feel the same about their fitness.

This is the reason I have started my own blog,  where I can feel connected to people. Now I am a fitness addict. I am a fitness specialist,I am doing certification in yoga and also cleared the 1st introductory exam of yoga. I am an expert in meditation.

I want to share my best knowledge about everything and help you to get healthy and feel beautiful day by day.  I will share interesting training techniques, diet and nutrition tips, yoga routines, meditation, weight loss, and much more.

I am committed to helping women of all ages to manage their health and to dealing with the stress of day-to-day life. I really love helping people to find a way to make that choice.

See you on the other side.