Nowadays people are paying more attention to their health.

Whether it is in terms of physical, mental, or emotional. To live healthy one must follow a nutri packed recipe and healthy diet.

As someone says you are what you eat, there are cells in the body whose only function is to extract nutrients from the food and provide it to rejuvenate body. which is why our health depends on what food we can consume.

The festive season has already started and especially in India festivals mean lots of delicious recipes which is part of our culture and we can’t deny it even if a person is on a diet or a fitness freak.

In this festive season, i will come up with 5 super duper tasty yet healthy recipe which is packed with nutrients. And it needs ingredients that are easily available at home.

Let’s see 5 nutritional-packed recipes to rejuvenate body:


As soya chunks are full of protein, it is a perfect option to make curry as Indians love curry in every meal. And there is no better option for a meat substitute than a curry.


1.100gm of soya chunks have 50gms of protein

2. helps in to lose weight

3. improves digestive system

4. maintain hormonal balance in women

5. maintain blood sugar levels

6. It is rich in omega-3

7. protein content in soya chunks repairs damaged hairs and improves texture

TIP: Although soya chunk’s nutritional value is high, excessive consumption can lead to high uric acid and estrogen levels in your body.

Hence, you should always eat only 25-30 grams per day to avoid such complications.


Quinoa is a plant-based source of protein, it’s a whole grain that is rapidly increasing in popularity due to its many nutritional and health benefits.

          It contains much higher minerals such as calcium,iron, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus than rice.

        Being an Indian, khichadi is always a comfort food,it was the best food to eat when we fell sick.

         Quinoa khichdi is a one pot meal, wholesome and comfort food that will fulfill your hunger within minutes.

How it benefited us:

1. quinoa is rich in antioxidants and nutri packed recipe to fulfill your hunger

2. rich in fibre

3. helps in cholesterol

4. lowering risk of diabetes and heart disease

5. helps in weight loss


Oats are whole grain and commonly used for breakfast.

Oats are available whole, rolled, or instant.

    Whole oats are the most intact form, it takes longer to cook. They are available as jumbo oats which are slightly thicker.

      Rolled oats are lightly roasted, steamed, and rolled flat, this breaks down the outer husk.

       Instant oats are rolled so they are thinner, cook faster, and make smoother porridge.

Instant oats you can use for porridge with different types of toppings. 

toppings may significantly impact the nutritional contribution of your porridge. You can use toppings such as fruits, chia seeds, nuts, etc according to your taste to get add-on benefits.

Health benefits of oats porridge

1. support your gut health

2. helps in weight management

3. balance blood sugar levels

4. support digestive function

5. helps to fight against cancer

6. minimize belly fat

If you are not used to fiber in your diet, you should introduce them gradually to avoid bloating and discomfort. But it’s overall good for your health and gives you amazing benefits.


What if you will get an instant recipe that is healthy, tasty, handy, and fulfilling at the same time?

Yeah…panner wrap is the way to go…

Paneer Wrap is a delicious and healthy tiffin-friendly recipe, which you can easily prepare for your fussy kids and for even adults too. This high-protein dish is prepared by stuffing a whole wheat chapati with grated paneer, french beans, carrots, and paprika. Make these wraps fresh, and we bet everyone loves this delicious surprise. If you like to make it roll, you can add the greens veggies, and chutney of your choice, or you can also add with cheese spread, mushrooms, mayonnaise, and more.

You can serve the paneer wrap as an evening snack, lunch, or brunch. There is some prep work required for making the green chutney and the salad topping, but preparing these components is simple. If you have leftover whole wheat dough, then the recipe is relatively quick and easy.

Reasons why you should consume paneer often:

1. good protein source 

2. helps build muscles

3. helps manage blood sugar levels

4. good for bones and teeth

5. boost the immune system

6. reduce stress and anxiety


The healthy High Protein Chickpea Cucumber Tomato Salad recipe is simple and ready in a few minutes, made with fresh vegetables, herbs, and a simple lime dressing. This chickpea salad is an excellent side dish and is Vegetarian and vegan.

This doesn’t require any cooking, is very easy to make, and wholesome too

for your body.

The protein and fiber in chickpeas may help keep your appetite under control.

Protein and fiber work together to slow digestion, which helps promote fullness. In addition, protein may increase levels of appetite-reducing hormones in your body, which means it automatically lowers your calorie intake.

Health benefits of chickpeas

1. help manage cholesterol, triglycerides

2. manage blood sugar

3. maintain healthy body weight

4. support good gut health

5. the great source of fiber, potassium,vit c, and B6

This salad is light on the tummy and is super for rejuvenate body . You can even have this for your lunch or dinner or you can also use it as a tiffin recipe!! The method to make Indian chickpea salad with pudina dressing is very easy!!

rejuvenate body

Do these sound delicious?

Then check out my blog on other recipes too.

Until…Enjoy these ones!


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